Man gives lady new car weeks after rejecting his marriage proposal [video]


A gentleman man with the TikTok handle @Turkcooper has revealed how he dashed a brand new car to a lady who rejected his marriage proposal recently.

Every day or the other, amusing, weird and funny videos go viral on the internet, capturing the interest of users.

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One such video that is being shared on social media is of a kindhearted man who dashed brand new car to a lady who rejected his marriage proposal.

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Telling the story in a video shared on his personal profile, the gentleman who referred to himself as a sucker had the lady blindfolded as he led her to the car as a big surprise.

Although she turned down his proposal, the lady gleefully received the car with joy and immediately hoped in for a test ride in the video.

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It’s quite rare for people to still go-ahead to do such for their loved one, especially after a proposal has been made and didn’t go through.

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Interesting right?.. Well, watch the video below :

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