Man pulls entire trailer with rope attached to waist [video]


A Ghanaian man reported to be the Strongest Man In Africa, has shown why he currently holds the title, and he did this by pulling a heavy duty truck.

The video of a weight-pulling athlete named Shaka Zulu dragging a truck with ropes strapped around his body has gone viral on both Instagram and Tik Tok.

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In the clip, many people surrounded the man as some whipped out their phones to capture the moment.

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After some seconds of a great attempt, Shaka Zulu exerted much energy as he slowly put the truck in motion.

His type of activity, called vehicle pull, falls under what is known as the strongman sport of strength athletics.

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In such a sport, an athlete’s strength is tested in many non-traditional ways according to Wikipedia.

Many people wondered how he was able to carry out the task. There were, however, some people who doubted his strength, asking why a person was on the truck’s driver seat.

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Watch the video of shaka Zulu pulling the truck below:

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