Nana Addo Finally Reveals On Live TV


Today, he continued his working visit to the Ashanti region as he visited one of the biggest pro-NPP radio stations, Ash FM. He touched on the 2020 elections. The 2020 election remains one of the competitive and special presidential elections in the history of Ghana. One thing that made the election memorable is the 2020 election petition as the NDC was not willing to accept defeat with the NPP still insisting on a landslide victory.

Today, Nana Addo explained to the host of the show that the NPP almost lost the 2020 elections. He disclosed that he owed his victory to the Ashanti region. He explained that if not for the Ashanti Region, the victory of the NPP would have been a mere dream and fantasy. He disclosed that it was because of that fact why he made it a point to come and thank the Ashanti region once again.

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“I came to Ashanti Region to thank the region fr the victory they gave us in the 2020 election. Our victory would not have been possible without the region. We almost lost the 2020 election.”, Nana Addo explained.



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