Omosh Agrees To Start Rehab But Wants More Mchango Because He Doesn’t Have Food

Actor Omosh, born Joseph Kunithia, has finally agreed to join a rehab facility and fight his addiction.

The renowned former Tahidi High actor, who has been trending on social media platforms for a week now, is ready to embark on the journey after intervention from friends and family, according to former colleague Kevin Onyiso aka Eddy.

Speaking to to a local site, Onyiso, a former Tahidi High actor, revealed that Omosh had agreed to start his rehabilitation but is still worried about his family and how they will survive without him.

Onyiso and other close friends who live near the actor said they had decided to request his friends and former colleagues to now step in as Kenyans had done enough.

“I just want to request, because he does not have food or money, those he worked with on Tahidi High and were touched by Omosh let us help him,” he said.

Onyiso said Omosh had turned into a laughing stock and being close to him; he realised that he needed help because his life had started deteriorating.

He noted that they will gather at his home on Saturday, July 3, and if possible, people should come with food and money donations to bless his family as Omosh begins his rehab journey.

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Anyone willing to attend the meeting can reach the organiser, Kevin Onyiso, on 0724392958.

Source: Tuko 

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