“People Respect The Money You Have And Not You, Watch How They Treat You When The Money Is No More” || Belinda Effah

Nigerian actress and presenter, Belinda Effah has opined that some people get the respect of others because of the money they have and not necessarily themselves.

People who have a lot of money on this continent are virtually worshipped because of their money so it is not out of place that Belinda Effah is asserting that it is the money people respect and not the individuals themselves.

People give reverence to people they otherwise wouldn’t if such individuals didn’t have money.

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According to the actress, people stop respecting you when your money is no more.

In her candid opinion, the most important thing to do, if you want to earn the respect of people out there, is to just make money.

“People actually respect the money you have, not necessarily you. Watch how they treat you when the money is no more. Make Money,” she said.

This assertion sparked several conversations on social media with many holding the view that it is a sad reality that we are putting up with, in our society.

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