Read Youtube Videos As Articles Instead of Watching Them

Now, thanks to the free videoticle service, you’re free to read YouTube videos, not just look at them. This allows you to convert any video you see into a medium-sized article that you can browse, read, and follow with screenshots. You can read the video first and use it to explain what things look like — if you even need to — rather than pause and play a video to attempt to learn a complicated subject. Sometimes the posts are more than good enough by themselves.

It is also useful to convert YouTube videos to written articles if you want to watch something but don’t want anyone to see how you watch it, as if you were at work or at school.

You can read the video quietly, after turning it into an article (unless they are, of course, just behind you).

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How to generate a readable YouTube article

1. Copy YouTube Url

Copy a YouTube video link from or the YouTube app.

2. Paste in search field

Paste the link above and hit “Go”.

3. Enjoy your article

Save time and data. Enjoy your video article (Videoticle) in multiple languages!

Read the YouTube video in videoticle

An in-app website will open the video with the article on the Videoticle website ready to be read. The video title, the creator and the number of subscribers they have will be displayed at the top of the item. The transcript is shown below, with various screenshots.

If the video is official in English, videoticle will use those to write the post. If it doesn’t, it uses the auto-generated ones provided by YouTube and will try to add punctuation to make readability easier.

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To make the video easier to read (though, it may be harder for some people), enable “Line Breaks” near the top of the page, which breaks up paragraphs into smaller lines. If you tap on “Try another format/language,” you can see if there are other languages for you to read the article in or different captions you could try.

Tap “Done” at the top whenever you want to go back to YouTube or the video’s browser page.

If, for some reason, there are italicized captions, the HTML tags (<i>) will appear in the text as well, as pulled from the user-created captions. Aside from that, the article should be easy to read, with a few random screenshots pulled from the video sprinkled in between every few paragraphs.

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