Sister Afia Clashes With Efia Odo On UTV

“She knows I can beat her, but I have family and people I respect so I do not want to do anything crazy,” those were the words of Sista Afia to Efia Odo when she called into the United Showbiz Show on UTV last night.

On the show hosted by Abieku Santana, Efia Odo and Sister Afia’s “beef” was discussed where the host tried to understand what caused the fracas between the two friends and why they have decided to dirty themselves on social media.

According to Sista Afia, Efia Odo lied about her when she said she was having an affair with her boyfriend. In a phone-in conversation, the musician stated that she felt appalled by the statement and dared the socialite to a fight.

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She also added that Efia Odo should have spoken to her so they found a clever way to stage a beef in order to make maximum returns from it be it in money or social value.

Therefore, Sista Afia intimated that for her to shut it all up for Efia Odo, she wanted to fight her, beat her up and silence her forever.

There has been some recent back and forth between Sista Efia and Efia Odo where the two have been either body-shaming each other or washing their dirty linens in public. However, Sista Afia insists that a fight where they are allowed to trade blows will settle the “beef” in its entirety.

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Meanwhile, many believe this whole “Efia Odo-Sista Afia” social media brawl is a well-calculated attempt by the two to chase clout and attention.




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