Terms Of Use

This page covers the terms and conditions governing the use of Nsemsisi.com


Nsemsisi.com content is for personal and non-commercial use. There will be no fee charges for accessing content on Nsemsisi.com. Using Nsemsisi.com content without giving credit could lead to a lawsuit. It is also required that users interested in using Nsemsisi.com content [including pictures, videos, stories] for other purposes seek permission before doing so.

Comments and Reader Reviews

Defamatory speech or language that seeks to abuse persons based on their gender, age, religion is also not allowed. In some instances, comments on videos, stories, and social media pages could be deleted if deemed inappropriate and do not meet Nsemsisi.com standards.[jnews_element_ads compatible_column_notice=”” ads_type=”code”]


Registration and Security

Users are required to provide email addresses and passwords to allow for comments on Nsemsisi.com’s open forum. Please note that the registration is for an individual and not a group. It is imperative for users to provide accurate details as this will determine the success or failure of the registration process.


Advertisers interested in marketing their products online should endeavor to comply with relevant laws and codes before submitting their content. Advertisers are also required to pay attention to detail as Nsemsisi.com will not be responsible for inaccuracies or errors.[/vc_column_text][jnews_element_ads compatible_column_notice=”” ads_type=”code”]


Third-Party Ads

Nsemsisi.com accepts and publishes advertising material submitted from third parties including Google Adsense. However, Nsemsisi.com will not be responsible for the content of third party adverts that may contain errors, inaccuracies, or omissions.
You could advertise on Nsemsisi.com by contacting the help team via info@nsemsisi.com or nsemsisinewsblog@gmail.com. Your details will be passed on to our advertising team.

NB: These terms and conditions are subject to modification.[/vc_column_text][jnews_element_ads compatible_column_notice=”” ads_type=”code”]