What To Do If Your Name Was Listed In The Portfolio Assessment Sheet

The National Teaching Council is set to commence the issuance of licenses to professional teachers across the length and breadth of the country. Teachers are required to build a portfolio on the NTC portal.


What is a portfolio on the NTC portal?

A portfolio is a documented evidence of the teacher’s professional conduct and responsibilities performed over a period. In simple terms, what the Teacher needs to do to build points towards renewal of his or her licence.

Sample of Teacher Portfolio elements (Activities that will help the teacher build points)

Teaching Philosophy

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Scheme of learning

Copies of learners activities


Records or reports on co-curricular activities

Action Research conducted


Report from the Head confirming that the Teacher has taught not less than 90 hours in CPD cycle

Photos or videos of lessons

Lesson notes or plan

Write up assessment methods used with justification

Is the portfolio important?

Yes. The portfolio helps both the National Teaching Council and the Teacher to keep record of the professional accomplishments by the teacher.

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How do I build my portfolio on the NTC portal?

Team up with your lead mento (Head) to do develop your own philosophy as teacher. Let your lead mentor spell out your responsibilities, gather evidence of your accomplishments and submit it to the appropriate assessor (District Director of Education) for validation.


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