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Nsemsisi.com was created to inform, inspire, and engage students, the general public, and the web community through informative content.

We always welcome having new writers join our contributor pool. They must have a strong desire to produce quality content with actionable advice that readers can apply in their daily lives.

Have you read some of our articles? I believe you must have gone through our articles. Obviously, you have seen how well-written they are. That’s the kind of stuff we expect from you and even more.

Why Write for Nsemsisi.com?

By writing for Nsemsisi.com you get to:

  • Touch lives.
  • Support positive change.
  • Connect with a global audience.
  • Share your unique voice and messages.
  • Share your bio underneath your article about who you are and what you do, including a photo of you, links to your social media.
  • A platform to share your articles and stories
  • A place to call home and be part of the Nsemsisi News Blog
  • The opportunity to be featured on Nsemsisi News Blog
  • A link to your blog if you have one
  • Shared across our social media channels so that more people can see your work and appreciate it.

How To Be A Blogger On Nsemsisi.com

You’re looking to have a guest post published on a blog that’s read by several influential folks in Ghana and abroad? We’ve been waiting for you!
We promote guest posts as if they were our own and we coordinate with you during the whole publishing process.

What we expect from Bloggers:

Authentic Articles: We cannot accept any piece of writing that has been published anywhere else on the Internet. Even if it has been posted somewhere already, do well to rephrase the content for it to be unique from where it was posted.
To be active in the comments section during the 72 hours after their guest post is published (and to periodically check in afterward)

The Types of Articles We Welcome

Our community loves to receive actionable inspiration for a better life and a better world. You are welcome to submit articles in your area of expertise that relates to the overarching categories below. If your article cannot naturally fit in any of these categories, our Blog and community may not be the best platform and audience for your message.

  • Business (News/Advertisement)
  • Entertainment (Trending News)
  • Campus Hub (Student related articles/News)
  • Health and Fitness
  • Hot Gossip
  • Music
  • News Hub (National/International/Campus)
  • Education (News/events)
  • Local News (National News)
  • International (News)
  • Lifestyle (Articles)
  • Politics (National/International/Campus)
  • Showbiz (Celebrity News)
  • Sports (New/Events)
  • Technology (News/how to)
  • Videos (Trends, Educative, Humor, Documentary)

Please pick your own article topic. You are best placed to choose the topic based on your own unique passions, experiences, and area of professional expertise

Tone of Articles

One of our values at Nsemsisi.com is that we are a community where everyone is welcome and no one is left behind. We envelop, with love and compassion, people of all countries, ethnicities, cultures, creeds, and beliefs.

So when it comes to writing for Nsemsisi.com, the tone is everything.

We are a space for you to have your unique voice, and to do so in a way that appreciates our mission, values, and manifesto. Please ensure your tone is inspiring, informative, open-hearted, inclusive, and positive. Please help our readers to grow through whatever messages you share.

We absolutely are not about sarcastic, dictatorial, or polarizing approaches that create division. We hope you agree that society is in need of the direct opposite of this old-paradigm and negative energy. So as an Author, we invite you to contribute and collaborate with us in bringing a different vibe to the world! Let’s embrace all people and be solutions focused.

What are you waiting for?
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