“You Cannot Disown A Child You’ve Raised For 30 Years. No Matter What DNA Says” || Bridget Otoo

You can’t disown a 30 years child no matter what DNA Says

Bridget Otoo contends that a father cannot refuse to maintain any connection with a child he raised for 30 years no matter the outcome of a DNA test.

DNA tests had become one common decision for men due to the high level of women allowing their husbands to father a child for years only for the man to realize he is not the biological father of that child.

This, as a result, ended long-term marriages and even though some men, who found their partners guilty could decide to stay far away from the child as many of them do, the number of years used to father the child can much be the deciding factor.

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Thus according to the TV presenter, 30 years is enough to convince a man not to let go of a child he raised even if DNA results prove the child does not belong to him.

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