You Can’t Be A Teacher And Expect To Be Rich

President of the Republic of Ghana His Excellency President Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffu Addo has mentioned that teachers don’t need to be rich.

The president speaking to a team of journalists and GNAT yesterday politely said teachers don’t need to be and don’t think that, anywhere in the world that people go into teaching expected to become billionaires.

“The institution is older than our country the association is older than Ghana, and it has gone without any hiatus any breach any break for all these years and it’s done a great tremendous contribution to bringing our country to where it is don’t have reliable teachers.

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Our children cannot get properly instructed and informed so that is the service that you render to all of us and the nation has to continue to be grateful to you for the sacrifice and that is involved in

Teaching especially when you look at conditions of service, I’m not necessarily all that you will desire and understand that but nevertheless. I don’t think that anywhere in the world that people go into teaching expected to become billionaires.

Nevertheless and make money if you want to do that, you do other things if you want to do teaching is because you want to make a contribution to the welfare of the society and its skills and you’ve done that very very well this institute for research and industrial develop relations. that’s the one that is coming at the banquet which requires the tiring of the road.

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